SOAR Youth Development Program

The SOAR (Strengthening, Opportunity, Achievement and Respect) program targets ‘at risk’ youth and their support networks. In this instance, the network was the school. The program offers tailored and practical aviation based programs that teach risk management and decision making life skills while building self-esteem.
A key benefit from the unique activities, is that both the young person and the youth worker are engaged, rapidly forging stronger relationships and more open communication. The young people learn to employ key life skills, be inspired to pursue their full potential, understand and experience the incredible benefits of healthy friendships, respect and being considered trustworthy.
All four young people completed the three flights and each walked away with a certificate, a wallet sized key card with the IMSAFE principles on it and a cap with the SOAR logo.
The young people will also receive full video footage of their experience flying the aircraft. The two day program consisted of classroom lessons, three practical flights for each young person, safety precautions and checking safety of the plane, tours, checking out the hangers and visits from both Newspapers, Wangaratta Chronicle and The Border Mail.
Overall an excellent day with many positive outcomes for each young person.
Quote of the day by a young person “I know what I’m saving up for now”.
– Youth Case Worker- Jorden Warner

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Jorden Warner – Case Practitioner