#YouthForIndi |Project

Indi Regional Development Inquiry – Submissions closed

Submissions closed 11th September 2017


NESAY have developed the #YouthForIndi project in response to the Federal Inquiry into Regional Development. #YouthForIndi is a project which aims to increase growth and success in the area by allowing young people to creatively express their opinions, & submit their ideas to ensure they can actively participate towards regional development in the electorate of Indi.

NESAY are looking forward to receiving submissions from people aged 16-25 who would like the opportunity to be heard and make a real difference in the community! Young people are influential, and NESAY is excited to have them participate in the #YouthForIndi project!

Through this inquiry, Cathy McGowan believed it was important “in ensuring the voices of young people are heard during this inquiry” (Media release by Ms McGowan).

So, with that said, now is your chance to be heard and make a real difference in your community!

To participate you must:

  • Be aged 16-25 years
  • Live within the Victorian Indi Electorate (map below)
  • Answer one of the below questions:
    • What is working in our towns and why does it work; or
    • What could be done differently to support our towns; or
    • What do we need more of in our towns?
  • Upload your submission through Survey Monkey (Link will be provided here when submissions open, Tuesday 15th August 2017)

*Answers can be expressed through story, multi-media, art, music or other forms the young person wishes to use.


Submission Details:

  • Submissions can not be offensive or defamatory
  • Young people must be residents of the Indi electorate and be aged between 16-25 years
  • Ideas can be expressed through story, multi-media, song or other forms
  • Submissions to be uploaded through Survey Monkey (link to upload project, please click here)
    • In the event that an element of the submission can not be uploaded into Survey Monkey, alternative methods can be arranged. Please contact NESAY on (03) 5720 2201
  • Young people will be asked to include those who may have contributed to their submission (participation with others is encouraged)
  • Submissions will be assessed on the following two criteria:
    1. Creativity and innovation of the submission
    2. Practicality and originality of the idea and recommendations provided in the submission
  • All valid submissions will be considered by the judging panel
  • 5 short listed submissions will be submitted to the Inquiry into Regional Development with a copy sent to the Office of Federal Member for Indi; Cathy McGowan.
  • The survey will also ask Young people to advise if they would like to present their submission to the Inquiry if the opportunity arises


*By completing a submission, the young person consents to their information to be submitted to the Inquiry Committee and meets these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please phone NESAY on (03) 5720 2201 or you can email us: info@nesay.com.au

More information and Inquiry’s Terms of Reference can be found HERE.


To submit your project, click on the link HERE – To upload your project through Survey Monkey. Please contact the NESAY office if you have any problems or queries.