My Slice of Community – New Website Competition

My Slice of Community – NESAY Project

We are excited to announce that NESAY are currently in the process of developing a new website and we want your input! We want to encourage a space for young people, families and services alike that can easily navigate through our website whilst also experiencing a sense of community during their visit. This is why we are asking our young people to get involved and have an impact on what this might look like.

NESAY want to incorporate images and artwork that help represent what community looks like to you. This could be an area in which you might hang out over the weekend, or an iconic building or sculpture in your town. Alternatively it could be a particular art piece you would like to create that represents your slice of community. These will be placed throughout the new website with a caption acknowledging the photographer or artist.

Submissions are open 16th April – 30th May – They can be sent via:

  • Email –
  • Dropbox – shared to the above email
  • Hand delivered – NESAY 86-90 Rowan St, Wangaratta

Submissions need to also include in the email (or piece of paper if hand delivered):

  • Full name of photographer/artist
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Age
  • Town in which artwork/photo represents
  • A brief description about their submission – i.e. what does the photo/artwork mean/represent to them?
  • Please ensure if submitting photo, that it is of reasonable resolution (2mb+)

Submissions will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Practicality and originality of the submission working in with NESAY’s website
  2. Creativity & innovation of the submission
  • Photos must not include faces.
  • Submissions must represent what the community looks/feels like to the young person making the submission.

All images and artwork received will be acknowledged when received and all successful candidates will be presented with a certificate of appreciation and receive a framed copy of their submission as well as acknowledgement when image/artwork has been used on website.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Noni at NESAY – 03 5720 2201.

We really look forward to seeing what your community looks like to you!