Who We Are

Who is NESAY?

Our name, NESAY, stands for ‘North East Support and Action for Youth’, which is exactly what we are about – supporting and acting for young people in our community. We provide youth and family welfare services to address issues of adolescence, family life and youth homelessness.

Our Vision – A caring community creating opportunity for all

Our Mission – To provide support and services enabling people to participate in family, community and life

Our Values

Inclusion – embracing diversity.
Respect – for all people.
Integrity – in all we do.
Innovation – to meet current and future needs.
Accountability – transparency in all we do.

Our Principles of Practice – to promote social change, problem solving in relationships and the empowerment to enhance well being. NESAY staff will endeavor to enable all people to develop their full potential, enrich their lives and prevent dysfunction. Our work focuses on strength based problem solving and change. NESAY’s principles of practice are an interrelated system of values, theories and practice. Commitment to Social Justice is fundamental to our work.

Philosophy – We believe that all vulnerable and/or homeless young people and their families should have access to non-discriminatory services that provide them with the skills required to improve the young person’s life, increase their self esteem and encourage them to move forward. This philosophy informs our practice by working from a strength based, problem solving perspective and through drawing on our core values, current research and theory and practice and knowledge

NESAY’s core programs are funded through various state and commonwealth departments and additional projects and internally developed programs are funded through one off grants, funding opportunities and contributions from our local/regional communities.

Highly active on a number of fronts, NESAY has established itself as a leading agency in youth affairs in the North East Region of Victoria within the seven local government areas NESAY services. NESAY is dedicated to the notion of interagency co-operation and collaboration as means of ensuring the best possible service to its broad range of clients. With energetic staff, supported by a community Board of Governance, NESAY is highly respected as a professional and effective service provider with its progressive approach to youth welfare and family issues.

NESAY Strategic Plan Future Directions 2015-2020: NESAY Strategic Plan Future Directions 2015-2020